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GLOBAL TECH - PREMIUM Surgical Mask Adult Size: 175x90mm, 10pcs/pack

  • Brand: GLOBAL TECH
  • Product Code: Premium Adult
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GLOBAL TECH-PREMIUM Surgical Mask Adult Size: 175x90mm, 10pcs/pack


Japanese brands, Japanese materials, made in Hong Kong

BFE, PFE, VFE all exceed >99%


BFE (Bacterial Filtration Rate): effectively isolate 99% of cough and sneeze droplets (filterable particles 3 microns)

PFE (Particle Filtration Rate): Effectively isolate 99% of fine particles (0.1μm) through (filterable particles 0.1μm)

 VFE (Virus Filtration Rate): Effectively isolates 99% of bacteria and viruses from droplets

ISO 14644-1 Class 8 clean room production

ISO 13485: 2016 medical equipment grade quality certification

PREMIUM veneer material-KINSEI Japanese patent material is used, soft and smooth, extremely breathable, not easy to get makeup or lipstick

Three layers of Japanese ultra-light materials are used, thin and soft, extremely breathable

Can block bacteria and have high permeability

Effectively block bacteria and pollen in the air

Design close to the bridge of the nose and cover to the chin to enhance protection

Each individually packaged, safe and hygienic

10 pcs/pack

Pressure difference/ Air permeability: Delta P <3.3 m H2O /cm2

GLOBAL TECH - PREMIUM, Video Demonstration by Youtuber, Eddie Wong (please click VIDEO)

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